Fridge Bag is made out of fabric and silicone based on a 3d mold, which is fabricated in a milling machine. The concept of this project is to use LEDs, embedded in the fabric, that light up when somebody opens the bag to find their things. … Continue reading


Dressellate explores folding techniques by transforming a 2D pattern and a piece of fabric, into a 3D volume. The prototype, made from thin plastic sheets is a study of the volumetry of the body. The final piece is a double sided organic fabric covered with … Continue reading Dresselate

Summer workshop with Bau fashion department

During the summer workshops, fashion students of BAU, School of Design made a workshop of digital fabrication technologies applied in  fashion.Students were introduced to laser cutting patterns, laser cutting existing clothes, 3D printing and digital embroidery.Digital fabrication opens different possibilities in Fashion education,  production and consumption. The … Continue reading Summer workshop with Bau fashion department