The Machine to be another – Hardware Development and Residency

Fab Lab Barcelona had the great experience to collaborate with and host a short term residency for BeAnotherLab in order to develop the project “The Machine to be Another”.

The project, which originally began as a research investigation, then developed into an Artist residency at the Estruch, has now found its way to the team of Fab Lab Barcelona. We adapted the ongoing investigation of Fab Textiles of working with wood, to create a technological and wearable wooden garment that is adaptable to the variable sizes of different users.

Read this great article by the VERGE




We focused on pushing forward the digital fabrication techniques in order to impose properties of flexibility on a material that is mainly perceived as rigid. The wooden suit was designed and developed after an extensive study of the curves of human body. The hardware required a system that would provide stereoscopic vision adjustable to the every user, through variating length and focal angle. This customised stereoscopic vision was mounted on a pan-tilt support system that provided three axis rotation.



All the digital files are open source and The Machine to be Another is looking for collaborators to make this open source platform a tool for users to experience and to conduct different experiments throughout the world.

Project leader: Lana Awad

For more information:


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